Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears

Alaskan Brown Bear Photography Workshop

Sept 2 - 8 2020


Only 2 Seats Remain


$500 Deposit Due Nov 1st

1/2 Payment Due March 1st

Remaining Balance due 60 Days prior to arrival

Camera Clubs and Large Groups

Let us do all the planning for your next event, we have unlisted dates available and discounts for groups over 4 people. Please call us at     770-401-8671 for Dates and Rates. 

Single Supplements

Our pricing is based on double occupancy. This trip requires a single supplement of $1242 for your own room/tent. If you are interested in sharing with another traveler to keep cost down, please let us know.  


We know this is a big trip, we are eager and happy to help! Don't hesitate to call us, anytime. 


Bigger is Better

Alaska Brown Bear Silver Salmon Creek

Bear Photographer Bucket List

After a short charter flight across the Cook Inlet, our plane softly lands on the sand of the shores of Lake Clark National Park.  A motorcade of ATV's approach, a warm welcome by our guides, gear is loaded and we comfortably sit in a custom designed trailer with seats and our adventure begins.  As we cross a small creek, we look 150 feet to the east and two juveniles are making their way to the beach. We pause and watch then turn toward the lodge, we look to the south at 200 yards away a massive Sow lumbers her huge body through the short grass towards the creek. Ten minutes since departing the plane, 3 bears sighted and we pull into the lodge.  Thirty minutes later; after a brief orientation and unpacking gear, I was whisked away to meet other photographers already shooting bears. That first day 2000 pictures were taken of nine bears (including cubs). Simply amazing!  

The Alaskan Coastal Brown Bear (Ursus Arctos), close cousin to the North American Grizzly (Ursus Arctos Horrbilis) are a much larger bear due to the habitat and ease of food sources, mainly salmon.  The Brown bears in August and September are fattening up for winter, so they are in constant scavenge and fishing mode.  This creates a prime wildlife photography environment as normally individual brown bears begin to cluster together around the creeks to fish.  It is not uncommon to see 3 to 4 generations of bears interacting around the fishing holes in one photography session. 

Why Choose this Trip?

Professional Photography and Enthusiastic Guides

As most travelers to Alaska quickly realize, it can be difficult to navigate, expensive, and while there is an abundance of wildlife available, it can be evasive without local support. Tripod Travelers has invested a significant amount of time researching the best available scenarios to capture these magnificent animals.  Our goal has always been to offer a trip that does three things, get you in front of the action, all inclusive service, and support your photography aspirations to capture world class images. This trip checks all three boxes and much more.  

This Alaska adventure places our clients in the best environment to capture bears fishing, scavenging beaches, juvenile bears learning, and mothers letting cubs loose to play.  Our partnership with the lodge allows us to work with guides to place our sole group in the best positions to capture all this action.  There are several excursions throughout the day, a pre-breakfast, post-breakfast, post lunch, post dinner schedule.  All these excursions allow the right amount of time to explore, while ensuring everyone gets an opportunity to recharge.  Our partners have done an amazing job building their business over the last 30 years.  Accommodations and food are amazing, while the compound is safe and well maintained.  Fishing for Silver Salmon is also available for a nominal price (License not inc.)

Tom is an expert at photographing bears across North America, Canada, and Alaska.  He shares his expertise and photography skills with a passionate and simplified approach. If you have been searching for a trip to capture Brown Bears, with photography support while having everything taken care of, don't miss this amazing opportunity

Brown Bear Alska Photography Workshop
Alaksa Brown Bears Fighting

We Take Care of You

Gate to Gate, we have your Covered

Alaska Brown Bears Photgraphy Workshop

What is Included?

  • Hotel stay Night 1 in Anchorage Alaska 

  • Welcome Dinner in Anchorage

  • Transfer to Charter

  • Charter Flight from Anchorage to Lake Clark

  • 5 Days, 6 Nights

  • Lodging at Famous Lodge

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert

  • 5 days of Bear and other wildlife (Private Guide)

  • Dedicated Photography Instruction, including post processing and critique.

  • Park Fees

  • Non-Photography travelers welcome, especially those who love to fish

  • Charter flight back to Anchorage

Not Included:

  • Flight to Anchorage

  • Alcohol (must be flown in, please call for details)

  • Single Supplement Charge, additional $1200

  • Incidentals

  • Alaska Fishing License

  • Tips for local staff, 5 days of service

  • Travel Insurance and Medical Assistance Insurance


Zero Stress Vacation

Sept 2: Arrive in Anchorage before 6pm

We collect all clients and transfer from the airport.  Welcome Dinner in Anchorage


Sept 3: Flight to Lodge & Bears

After early breakfast, transfer and depart for charter flight to Lake Clark National Park. Check into lodge, brief orientation. Photograph Bears. 


Sept 4: – Bears
Photograph and explore from sunrise to sunset.  Breaks for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. 


Sept 5: Bears
Photograph and explore from sunrise to sunset.  Breaks for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. 

Sept 6: Bears
Photograph and explore from sunrise to sunset.  Breaks for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. 


Sept 7: Bears
Photograph and explore from sunrise to sunset.  Breaks for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. 


Sept 8: Bears and Depart.

Early morning bear excursion 6a to 8a.  Est. 9am departure back to Anchorage.

Departing flights from Anchorage should be after 12p. 

If you are interested in adding other legs to this trip please call us for feedback and possible add ons. Especially for Homer, Seward, and Cooper Landing (Kenai Peninsula)

Alaska Brown Bear Photography Workshop
Alaska Brown Bear Photography Workshop Lodge
Alaska Brown Bear Photography Workshop Lodge
Alaska Brown Bear Photography Workshop Lodge

Alaska Brown Bears

Taken by Tom Mace