Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Fall Photography Workshop

Oct 24-28, 2020      


Smoky Mountains

Fall Smoky Mountains Wildlife Photography Workshop Black Bears

Why Choose this Trip?

We Are Expert Guides and Park Permittees

  • Create a learning environment where we get both you and your camera ready for the many types of wildlife and nature photography opportunities we will experience. There will be several working sessions in the field to help you improve your photography skills and practice anticipating and reacting to both animals and the environment in which you are shooting.  

  • Visit locations that place our photographers in the best viewing areas to capture animals in their natural habitat. This includes: Deer, Bear, Elk, Turkey, Horses, Birds, and other animals as presented. Horses are free ranging in the first mile of the park.   

  • Most photography will occur just outside our vehicle. There are abundant wildlife, landscape and water related photography opportunities. The maximum walking distance is below 1 mile. 

  • We are authorized park permittees in all government regulated locations we visit, this includes National Parks and Wildlife Refuges. We follow all park regulations and uphold the values established to protect you and the park we are visiting. Be careful booking any trip with travel companies that cannot provide proper documentation, it can end your trip very quickly. 

Bears, Cubs, and Much More!

Come join us on a breathtaking journey as we explore the Great Smoky Mountains as Mother Nature colors the landscape for truly remarkable photo opportunities.  This 3 ½ day 4 night trip will give you opportunities to not only capture the essence of fall, but a great chance to photograph wildlife in fall back drops.  We have scouted the area and know where our clients can achieve the best success in photographing wildlife and surreal landscapes.  Some of the best Fall colors in the world occur every year in the Appalachian Mountain Range; photographers can spend a lifetime and never capture it all.  We will also take you on a drive that will afford opportunities for mountain views, waterfalls, and much more.  Tripod Travelers provides all ground transportation, meals, hotel, and most importantly coaching on different photography techniques to ensure you go home a better nature photographer with memories to last a lifetime.  Not only are your group leaders experts in photographing and navigating these magnificent landmarks; they pride themselves on maintaining and respecting the natural environment of all parks they visit. 

Fall Smoky Mountains Wildlife Photography Workshop Black Bears

We Take Care of You

Photograph all Day, Feast at Night!

Fall Smoky Mountains Wildlife Photography Workshop Black Deer

What is Included?

  • Airport transfer from Knoxville, TN Airport

  • Lodging

  • Meals

  • All Ground Transportation, only our photographers.

  • Snacks and Drinks

  • Expert Guide, putting you on the Bears in unique locations

  • Photography Instruction, including post processing and critique

  • Dedicated Photography Instruction, including post processing and critique.

  • Non-Photography Travelers/Significant Other $100 discount.

Not Included:

  • Air Transportation

  • Incidentals

  • Alcohol

  • Travel Insurance and Medical Assistance Insurance

  • Single Supplement Charge


Zero Stress Vacation

Oct 24: All Travelers meet at Hotel by 5p. Tripod Travelers will pick up all clients flying in to the airport. Orientation, dinner, meet and greet at local establishment.  


Oct 25: 6a breakfast, drive to key locations to photograph sunrise, continue in park to photograph wildlife. 12p, lunch in the park. Photography in the park. Dinner 430p, return to park for wildlife, sunset in the park


Oct 26: 6a breakfast, sunrise in the park drive to key locations to photograph wildlife Lunch outside of Park. 430p enter park return to wildlife locations and photograph through 7p, capture sunset.  Dinner outside the Park. Picture review, post processing discussions before 4p.


Oct 27: 6a breakfast.  Wildlife and Landscape against sunrise lighting. 12p lunch outside the park, break until 3p. Picture review and post processing discussions at the lodge.  Early dinner then return to park for late afternoon wildlife and sunset.


Oct 28: 8a breakfast, photo reviews and post processing.  Check out of hotel by 11a, return flying travelers back to Knoxville airport, flights after 1p


If you have any questions please contact us at

Fall Smoky Mountains Wildlife Photography Workshop Landscape

Smoky Mountains

Taken by Tom Mace