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Photography Workshop

Feb 23 - Feb 29, 2020


Whales and Much More!

When people think of Hawaii; they think of summer vacation, beaches, and relaxation.  What many people overlook are the warm winters, lush tropical landscapes, and spectacular wildlife Maui has to offer. February is one of the best times to visit.  Over 10,000 Humpback whales return to give birth, mate and nurse their young.  Hawaii is the only state in the US where birthing and mating occurs. Why do whales choose Hawaii? Some of the same reasons we do; warm clear water, shallow depths, and lack of predators.  Maui is the premier photography location as the depths in the Maui channel do not exceed 200 ft.  In February, we witnessed over 100 breaches from our hotel Lanai.  You learn quickly there is a big difference between seeing and “experiencing” these majestic mammals when you are on a boat, within 100 yards of a breach, camera in hand.

We round out this itinerary with other incredible photography opportunities. We experience a spiritual Haleakala sunrise, travel and photograph along the historic 64 mi. Hana Highway, and spend time in a unique lava field landscape. Our objectives are to give photographers a chance to scratch items off their bucket list while we work with you to improve your nature photography skills.  Your hosts for this trip have been fortunate enough to visit Maui 5 times and understand the island culture, best locations to stay, and where to put photographers in position to capture all the beauty and mystery this island has to offer. 

Whale breech Maui Photography workshop
Haleakala Sunrise Maui Photography workshop

Why Choose This Trip?

One, its Maui!  Two, you will not find other companies offering this kind of all inclusive trip to this specific island!. We leverage our partners on Maui to keep costs down. When you consider what is included; high end resort on the beach with ocean views, experienced guides, photography expertise, meals, excursions, all ground transportation, even a Luau. There are not many companies who can bundle this same trip at these prices. 

What is Included?

  • 4 Boat excursions to get up close and photograph Humpback Whales, including one sunset dinner cruise.

  • 1 guided trip to the summit of Haleakala Crater to photograph a sunrise, weather permitting. 

  • 1 trip to Hana and Back, capturing Seascapes, Waterfalls, and Rainforest along the way

  • 1 trip to the Wailea Lava Fields

  • 1 Luau, VIP seating

  • Multiple Sunrise and Sunset opportunities

  • All Meals, minus one dinner.  We want you to experience Kaanapali or Lahaina with your partner.    

  • High end beachfront resort in Kaanapali steeped in Hawaiian culture and tradition

  • Built in downtime for exploring, hanging out at the beach.  Also a good time to review post processing with anyone in need of assistance.

Not Included:

  • Flight to Maui

  • Alcohol

humpback whale Maui Photography workshopl
Whale breech Maui Photography workshop
Maui Whale Photography Workshop and Vacation

Objectives for the Trip:

  • Create a learning environment where we get both you and your camera ready for the many types of wildlife and nature photography opportunities we will experience. Expect several working sessions in the field to help you improve your photography skills and practice anticipating and reacting to both animals and the environment in which you are shooting.

  • Get you safely up close to Humpback whales and other wildlife.  Work with photographers on capturing whales breaching, fin and tail slapping, mothers interacting with their calves, and more.  We will teach you the art of not only capturing a moving subject, but how to capture the moment in a moving boat. We will also be photographing other sea life if presented, including dolphins, sea, and wading birds.

  • In our 20 years of photography, no sunrise or sunset has ever compared to Haleakala.  Our goal is to get you prepared to capture this event from both a wide angle and zoom perspective.  Our trip will also give you a great panoramic view of Maui, and her sister islands. We work with a local permitted company who drives us to the summit of Haleakala before sunrise. The drive from the Hotel is a 2 hour drive with a 3a pick-up time.  Most sleep on the ride up.    

  • Landscapes, Seascapes and Sunsets.  Maui will offer our photographers a great chance to capture stunning sea and landscape photos along the Hana Highway including panoramas, waterfalls, beaches, and flora.  We will take advantage of the west side of the island to capture amazing sunsets at a few designated locations.  The Wailea Lava Fields offer each photographer a chance to explore and expand their photography composition skills



Dates: Feb 23rd - Feb 29th 2020
​Origin: Feb 23rd: Kahului International Airport, Maui, Hawaii. arrive before 5p
​Departure: Feb 29th: Kahului International Airport, Maui, Hawaii, depart after 1p
​Total Photographers: 6
​Ground Transportation: 10 Person Touring Van
​Hotel Cities: Lahaina, Maui
​Photography Subjects: Wildlife, Landscape, Seascape, Sunrise, and Sunset
​Key Learnings: Capturing Wildlife, Subjects in Motion, Composition, Landscapes, Seascapes, Exposure, Shutter Speeds, Aperture, ISO, Depth of Field, Histogram, Raw vs. JPEG, Camera Settings, Presets, Post Processing, and more.

Daily Events


Feb 23: All Travelers meet at Hotel by 7p.  Travelers will be transported to our hotel by Tripod Travelers. Dinner at hotel, meet and greet, discuss the week.


Feb 24: Breakfast 7:30a, Whale Photography Adventure. Lunch at the Marina.  Drive back to Hotel, rest and relax (beach time).  Sunset opportunity near hotel.  Dinner that evening.

Feb 25: Haleakala, 3a departure from Hotel.  Sunrise and photo opportunities. Breakfast after sunrise, then back to hotel for rest, beach time and/or post processing discussions.  Luau Dinner. 

Feb 26: Hana Highway. 630a departure.  Breakfast on road before entering Highway.   Multiple stops, some short hikes, lunch at a local favorite.  Travel back to hotel. Dinner on your own.

Feb 27: Breakfast at hotel, Whale Photography Adventure in the am, lunch in the marina.  Relax until 3p, depart for the Wailea Lava field to photograph landscape and sunset.  Dinner in Wailea.  


Feb 28: Breakfast 7:30a, Whale Photography Adventure  in the am, Lunch in Marina, rest, during the afternoon, post processing discussions. Sunset cruise dinner, sunset and whale photography opportunities. 

Feb 29: Breakfast 7:30a, picture review and post processing discussions. Checkout of hotel at 11a.  Tripod Travelers will return you to the airport, unless you are extending your stay. 

If you have any questions please contact us at

Hotel Maui Photography workshop
Photography Workshop Maui
Photography Workshop Maui Luau

Maui Pictures

Taken by Tom Mace