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One on One, or Small Groups

Welcome to our site!  One of the biggest struggles I notice with photographers across all levels of experience, is that they are not maximizing the capabilities of their cameras in different shooting conditions.  If you don't consistently apply some of the simple rules of photography to your camera; then what your camera delivers or under delivers can be quite frustrating. Sure you can watch endless videos, read books, and ask friends for help. However, what I have learned in teaching numerous students is nothing is better than camera in hand, shooting with a coach, supporting your efforts. 


Though we travel around the world teaching photographers wildlife and nature photography, we are based out of Kennesaw, GA.  Meaning when we have down time, I can work with local students interested in learning photography in locations in which we are very familiar.  Or, we have the ability to set up one on one online courses, tailored specifically for you. We teach all levels of photography and are knowledgeable about all DSLR or mirrorless camera bodies. So if you are just starting out and want to get the basics down or if you are a hobbyist who wants to take your photography to another level, then book a session with us today. 


Tom Mace

Instructor and owner of Tripod Travelers.  

Key Areas of Instruction

  • Explanation of Camera Modes

  • Shooting in Manual Mode

  • All Camera Settings

  • Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO

  • Reading Histogram

  • Metering 

  • White Balance

  • Exposure Compensation

  • JPEG vs. RAW

  • Wildlife Scenarios

  • Landscapes

  • Long Exposures

  • Freeze vs. Blur

  • Composition of Subject(s)

  • Post Processing

  • Plus Much More...

  • Camera Brands Familiar with: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Fuji, Pentax


"Tom took us to amazing locations to track down the wildlife and capture the perfect landscape or waterfall scene.  His instruction on how to use my equipment was so helpful.  I was so grateful he let us use some of his own equipment"


Rachel H .


In Person Learning

Once an appointment is scheduled...

1) Meet and Greet phone call to discuss needs, gear and finalize logistics.

2) Meet at location based on learning needs.

3) 1 hour reviewing Camera settings, and photography basics. Set up the camera for the particular subjects.

4) 3+ Hours of shooting in the field.

5) Review pictures and key learnings from the day. 

6) Receive Photography flip cards for future reference.

7) Post Processing (additional charge)

8) If doing multiple sessions, schedule next session.

"If you want to grow as a photographer, I would highly recommend going on workshop with Tom and Laura. No matter the skill level when you start, you'll be a better photographer after using the skills Tom explains during your time in the field."


Jeff R..

Online Learning

Once an appointment is scheduled...

1) Fill out a pre-survey questionnaire so your learning experience is customized for you.

2) I send you a link for our scheduled video conference session

3) One hour course where I share content on Photography basics

4) Share specifics on your camera settings

5) Answer questions along the way

6) Receive hard copies of learning materials

7) 15 min post learning call to review your pictures after the class

8) Add more sessions as needed, including post processing

"Tom has an uncanny way of finding bears and other wildlife and is a photography guru that not only teaches the best ways set up your camera to get your “money” shots, but also ensures that you also understand the best ways to post process your digital photos too.  Listen and you will learn.  I did."


Bert S..

Why Spend Time with Tom?

Being a professional photographer Tom has vast experience in wildlife and nature photography. One of his strengths is his ability to explain and simplify the world of photography.  He is patient, easy going, and will make anything fun. Tom perfected his craft and has been able to build a business providing group photography workshops, teaching up to eight people throughout the week.  Tripod Travelers has received many reviews all of which have one thing in common; each photographer was treated to a great experience and walked away much more confident with their camera when shooting wildlife and nature.

Areas of Expertise

- Capturing wildlife 

- Landscapes (Sunrise and Sunsets)

- Macro Photography

- Bird Photography

- Long Exposure, Water, Light Trails, Stars

- City Scapes

"I consider myself an advanced hobby photographer. Tom taught me many new techniques, ways to improve my composition and let me use equipment that I had never used before."


Don L.

3 Simple Steps

1) Review the Classes and Prices

2) Choose Online or In Person

3) Fill Out the Request Form 

We will get back with you immediately to coordinate your request

Classes Available: 


1 Hour Session                            $100

In Field

1/2 Day Session       (5 Hours)     $300

Full Day Session       (8 Hours)    $500


Post Processing  - Add $50 to the above rates.

Book Three 1/2 Day Sessions $800 (-$100 Savings) + add post processing for Free ($50 savings)

Book Three Full Day Sessions $1350 (-$150 Savings) + add post processing for Free ($50 savings)



Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina

Classes will take place at a location agreed upon by student and instructor, convenient to both. 

Drive distances greater than 100 miles, additional charges may apply

Special Classes

Please contact us for pricing, itinerary and coordination. 

Great Smoky Mountains

Bears, Deer, Elk, Landscapes


Savannah GA

Birds, Alligators, Rookeries

Map Photography Classes Georgia

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