Fall in the Grand Tetons Photography Workshop, 2019

We had another amazing Fall photography workshop in Grand Teton National Park this September. Seven clients, one large van, and a group of people who started out as strangers and quickly became close friends. Our goal for this trip was to capture the

amazing wildlife and landscape opportunities afforded to us as the colors of Fall quickly began to unfold. We were not disappointed.

Fall Wildlife Photography Workshop Grand Teton National Park Tripod Travelers
Client: Marie Swearingen, Mormon Row

Clients were treated to multiple photography opportunities across the entire park. We spent time capturing the fall colors at Mormon Row, Oxbow Bend, and other key landscape locations, Our clients photographed Moose and Elk each day and enjoyed a Grizzly and her 2 cubs in the deep grass (tough shooting) in a back road location. Two black bear sightings occurred on Moose Wilson Rd., but Rangers prevented us from getting a shot, Juvenile Eagles, Red Tails Hawks, and a Great Grey Owl were also on display. Overall our customers were highly satisfied with their experience and the subjects captured during the trip.

"The group included people with all levels of camera expertise.  Tom divided his instruction time evenly among the group.  He was very attentive to us all.  I never felt lost, left out or neglected.  Every day was full of new learning experiences for me, resulting in some beautiful photographs I never dreamed I could take at this point.  Tom’s patience, his passion to find and photograph wildlife and his knowledge about photography surpassed my expectations." Client: Carol Barocca

Fall wildlife photography workshop grand teton national park tripod travelers
Client: M-J Adelman, Jackson Lake Dam

Weather remained mild during the days and bitter cold at night. We faced only one day with intermittent showers, a mix of frozen rain and snow in the morning. As we drove to many of the key locations for wildlife, we noticed tree lines change daily as temperatures drove below freezing at night. While we were under clouds most nights, we did take a smaller group out to shoot the milky way in 19 degree weather!

Our goal on all Tripod Travelers Photography workshops is to ensure our clients not only come away with great pictures, but they leave us with a better understanding the their camera capabilities, settings for wildlife, composition insights and information on how to locate and track animals throughout the park. Mission Accomplished!

Fall wildlife photography workshop grand teton national park tripod travelers
Client: Carole Barocca, Moose WIlson Rd.

One of our trademarks of Tripod Travelers is our zero stress experience. Meaning we had incredible lodging in Jackson, food and snacks prepared on the road, and dining at locations we have certified as places our clients deserve. Some of the best times on this trip is the fun in the van, picnic lunches or that relaxing environment at dinner where we all laugh about the day, talk about the kids, and become much closer as a team.

"If you want to grow as a photographer, I would highly recommend going on workshop with Tom and Laura. No matter the skill level when you start, you'll be a better photographer after using the skills Tom explains during your time in the field."

Client: Jeff Reglin

If you are interested in joining us on a future wildlife photography vacation or workshop, please visit us at www.tripodtravelers.com. You can also follow us on Instagram @tripodtravelers, or Like" us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tripodtravelers1

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