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Updated: Oct 19, 2019

If you love the great outdoors and are looking to capture amazing wildlife photographs, you have many places to choose from when planning your next vacation. One of the bigger challenges is selecting the right location, at the right time of year and then quickly coming up to speed on where to find the elusive wildlife. Even with all the best planning and foresight, it can be incredibly difficult and frustrating attempting to navigate places

within national parks or international locations when visiting for the first time. Where do you stay? Where are the wildlife spots? Where are you going to eat? Where are the back roads? What's the best trail? What kind of vehicle should you rent? What type of camera gear should you bring? One overlooked question, but my wife says is the most important, where are the bathrooms? What we hear from many travelers is they spend a lot of time managing their vacation. This, in most cases, takes their time away from meeting their objectives of experiencing nature, which ultimately creates more chaos and undue stress. We had some good

friends of ours go to a famous national park last summer to enjoy the scenery with hopes of capturing photos of bears. They came back extremely frustrated with the overpriced hotel, which was actually a motel, fighting with each other while fighting the awful traffic, and never getting any of the wildlife shots they expected as there were huge back-ups and no animals by the time the got to their spot. If this sounds familiar, it is repeated over and over again in most popular wildlife destinations.

This is where Tripod Travelers can help. Think of a vacation where you are picked up at the gate and your hosts take care of everything during the trip, including putting you consistently on the wildlife. One of your hosts is managing everything from the lodging, meals, snacks, and little things that make your vacation memorable. The other is a professional wildlife photographer who intimately knows the locations, is extremely engaging and knows the animal subjects you are trying to photograph. Our company's goal is to provide all inclusive photography vacations specifically designed with the photographer in mind.

Tanzania Photography Safari

Our clients spend zero time worrying about managing a vacation and instead spend all of their energy experiencing nature as it was meant to be, engaging and life changing. We pre-visit and work with local partners to build extremely productive itineraries that maximize your time in the field. In addition, Tripod Travelers ensures all meals, lodging, ground transportation, park fees, and photography instruction is taken care of. These trips are designed for any level of photographer, from beginner to avid professional. You are offered professional photography instruction where we help you learn to capture pro grade photographs, or for the more advanced photographer, take advantage of our location expertise and ask questions along the way. We simply pride ourselves on placing our clients in the right place at the right time and let your camera and nature do the rest. When we are done shooting and bypassing all the traffic, you are relaxing at a location close or inside the

park where you are well fed and building energy for the next days' photo shoot. We also welcome non-photography participants and special pricing for repeat customers. Below are some of our upcoming destinations. Book your next photography vacation with us!

Wildlife Savannah, GA. (March & April) While Savannah is known for it's southern charm, it is also one of the best wildlife spots to capture migrating birds, rookeries, and their famous alligators.

Great Smoky Mountains, TN (March, April, Oct) - We offer 5 trips to this location in Spring and Fall. Amazing animal activity, including our main subject, black bears.

Grand Tetons, WY Spring (May) Incredible wildlife and landscape opportunities. We arrive in time to photograph the babies. Other main subjects include grizzly bear, moose, elk, and landscapes. Hotel is the famous Jackson Lake Lodge inside the park. Already booked for 2018.

Grand Tetons and Yellowstone (June & July) 2 Parks 1 Trip. We take you for a full week around all of the wildlife hot spots, geysers, landscapes and much more. Lodging for Yellowstone in West Yellowstone, lodging for Grand Tetons inside the park at Jackson Lake Lodge.

Tanzania Photography Safari (February) Limitless wildlife, massive herds, and the Big 5 wait for you on this incredible Safari designed specifically for Photographers. Ngorongoro Crater, Ndutu, Greater Southern Serengeti are all captured in your private vehicles dedicated to our clients, driven by experts, and managed by Tripod Travelers.

South Africa Safari (May) The pinnacle of most photographers' bucket list. We bring this all inclusive vacation in partnership with a private reserve and resort. The Big 5 in an open top safari vehicle is the ultimate experience for any aspiring photographer. 5 full days of game drives. Price includes international Flights out of Atlanta GA.

Glacier National Park (July) Bear (grizzly and black), big horn sheep, moose, deer, elk, and much more. Incredible wildlife teamed up with mountain peaks, glaciers, and waterfalls. It's no wonder they call it the Crown of the continent. East side of the park we will be staying at Many Glacier Hotel!

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