Arches and Canyonlands National Parks

Join us as we make our desert swing into two photographer playgrounds that have extreme opportunities to capture some of the most unique landscapes in the world.  Arches National Park, nestled just 5 miles north of Moab, is the largest collection of sandstone arches in the world. 65 million years in the making, these sandstone formations have risen and eroded to create alien like landscapes throughout the park. With over 2000 arches and breathtaking rock formations, photographers can spend weeks attempting to capture the essence of this park through their lens. Having navigated this park several times, we have established an agenda that will help our photographers capture all the beauty this park has to offer.  Canyonlands National Park, 30 miles southwest of Moab, offers some of the best landscapes to capture canyon mazes and sandstone pillars. From Island in the Sky to the Needles area, we will spend 2 days exploring and photographing this unbelievable landscape. This trip will also include night photography, capturing the Milky Way against the amazing foregrounds.  Not only are your group leaders experts in photographing and navigating these magnificent landmarks; they pride themselves on maintaining and respecting the natural environment of all parks they visit.


Objectives for the Trip:

  • Create a learning environment where we get both you and your camera ready for the many types of nature photography opportunities we will experience. Expect several working sessions in the field to help you improve your photography skills and practice anticipating and reacting to the environment in which you are shooting.
  • We will work with each photographer on setting up and capturing unique landscape perspectives in both soft and hard light conditions. Though rare, we may have a dusting of snow to leverage against the gorgeous orange landscape, an added bonus if we are lucky.
  • Focus on Sunset and Sunrise opportunities
  • Arches is located in a Dark Sky setting.  We will spend 1-2 nights photographing the Milky Way using long exposure techniques.
  • Scheduled Locations: Arches NP: Windows, Delicate Arch, Balanced Rock, Turret Arch, Park Avenue, Devils Court, Landscape Arch, 3 Gossips and more.  Canyonlands NP: Island in the Sky, Mesa Arch, Needles, Colorado River and more.
  • We are authorized park permittees in all government regulated locations, this includes National Parks and Wildlife Refuges. Be careful booking with photography workshops that cannot provide proper documentation, it can end your trip very quickly. 


Important Details

Weather:  Avg. day temps: 83’s. Avg. evening temps: Mid 50’s, average rainfall for March is .71 inches.


Clothing:  Be prepared to dress in layers, warm waterproof coat, sweatshirt, sweaters, comfortable pants, hiking boots.     


Equipment: DSLR or Mirrorless Camera, Wide Angle and Zoom Lenses. Tripod, Monopod, protective case to store your equipment. Bring enough Memory and back-up batteries to last a full day of shooting, it is not uncommon to shoot over a 1000 photos a day on our trips. 


Activities: We will be driving to several locations, with possible short hikes under 2 miles round trip. We always recommend a comfortable camera bag or camera back-pack for this trip. 


Meals: Breakfast at the hotel or local establishment.  Lunches will be at a local establishment or picnic.  Dinners at a local restaurant that has a variety of options.  If you have a specific meal requirement, please let us know on the registration form. 


Safety: Your guides are certified in First Aid and CPR.  We also carry a Satellite phone as many locations we venture into have unreliable to no cell service at all.  We follow all rules, regulations, and laws in every location we visit.  This helps keep you and the wildlife safe while preserving the beautiful nature around us for the next generation to experience. Tripod Travelers has a no Firearm Policy, guides and clients are not authorized to carry personal firearms at any time.

Arches and Canyonlands National Parks May 24th-28th 2020

Price per Person, Double Occupancy
  • Highlights


    Dates: May 24th - May 28th, 2020
    Origin: Grand Junction, CO  (90 min drive to Moab), land by 4p, Tripod Travelers will coordinate and drive all clients from the airport. 

    Departure: Grand Junction, CO after 1p, Tripod Travelers will return all flying clients back to the airport
    Total Photographers: 8
    Ground Transportation: 10 Person Touring Van
    Hotel Cities: Moab, UT
    Photography Subjects: Landscapes, Stars, Sunrise, Sunset, Wildlife (if presented)
    Subjects Covered: Composition, Landscapes, Sunrise, Sunset, Exposure, Shutter Speeds, Aperture, ISO, Depth of Field, Histogram, Raw vs. JPEG, Camera Settings, Presets, Post Processing, and more.

    Daily Events

    May 24: All Travelers meet at Hotel by 6p. All travelers flying into Grand Junction will be transported to the Hotel by Tripod Travelers. Orientation, dinner at local establishment, meet and greet.


    May 25: Breakfast 6:30a, capture sunrise and early lighting at several Arches locations.  Lunch in Moab, rest/post processing.  4p return to park for late afternoon and sunset photography.  Dinner


    May 26: Breakfast 630a, capture sunrise and early lighting around the park.  Lunch in Moab, post processing.  3:30p return to park for late afternoon and sunset photography.  Dinner.  Optional: Stars photography after 12a, 2 hours in the park (time may vary based on Milky Way position against selected foregrounds)


    May 27: Breakfast 8a, travel to Canyonlands to photograph around the park.  Lunch in the park.  Photograph in the afternoon through sunset.  Dinner in Moab. Optional: Stars photography after 12a, 2 hours in the park (time may vary based on Milky Way position against selected foregrounds)


    May 28: Breakfast 8a, checkout by 11a.  We will be available to review pictures, discuss post processing until hotel departure. 


    If you have any questions, please contact us at

If you have questions regarding the

Checkout Process, please Call us, anytime.


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