Join us as we take you on an exciting photography journey through some of the best locations to photograph Birds, Alligators, Land and Seascapes Florida has to offer.  We have seasonally visited many of these Florida hotspots for wildlife while living in  Florida for 2 years. The mild winter weather in Florida at this time of year is amazing. Hundreds of photographers each year flock to Florida to chase the huge populations of birds migrating and nesting in this warm climate wonderland.  If you are looking to escape the chill of winter in what many believe are the best birding photography locations in the country, then this is the trip for you.


Objectives for the Trip:

  • Create a learning environment where we get both you and your camera ready for the many types of wildlife and nature photography opportunities we will experience. Expect several working sessions in the field to help you improve your photography skills and practice anticipating and reacting to both animals and the environment in which you are shooting.  
  • Visit locations that place our photographers in the best viewing sites to capture native and migrating birds in their natural habitat; this includes nesting areas, large accumulations, birds up close, and in flight. We will also focus on opportunities to capture birds engaging each other, blasting off, and hunting techniques.  Based on time of day, we will work with you on getting the right lighting, including sunrise and sunset opportunities to capture your subject in optimum lighting conditions. Expected bird sightings include: Eagles, Osprey, Hawks, Pelicans, Spoonbills, Herons, Ibis, Anhinga, Egrets, Stilts, Skimmers, Song Birds and more.
  • We get you safely up close to alligators, birds, reptiles and mammals throughout the trip.  While there are no guarantees in nature; we will be in locations with a potential to see Cougars, Bobcats, Black Bears, Otters, and more.  We get you on location at the best times for these elusive animals to possibly show, if they do, we will be ready.
  • Having lived in Florida; we understand the tremendous opportunities to capture and take advantage of both land and seascapes each day, particularly around sunrise and sunset. We will align our days around wildlife, land, and waterscapes.  Our goal is to put you in scenarios where you are able to capture a stunning sunset/sunrise, incorporating both the environment and wildlife.
  • We are all inclusive; meaning your workshops, meals, ground transportation, hotels, park fees, and all the little things are all taken care of by Tripod Travelers.
  • We are authorized park permittees in all government regulated locations, this includes National Parks and Wildlife Refuges.  Be careful booking with photography workshops that cannot provide proper documentation, it can end your trip very quickly. 


Important Details

Weather:  Avg. day temps: mid 70’s.  Avg. evening temps: mid 50’s. There are two seasons in Florida, wet and dry. We will be there during the dry season, though short rain spurts are always possible.  South FL averages 2 inches of rain in February.  Compare this to June which averages 10.


Clothing:  Be prepared to dress in layers in the early mornings, shorts, light pants and t-shirts during the day, sweatshirt, sweaters, light jacket in the evening.  Comfortable shoes.  Even though the humidity drops considerably during this time of year, it can still get hot and humid around the swamps. We are typically in long sleeve shirts and light hiking pants to also combat the bugs. 


Equipment: DSLR or Mirrorless Camera, Wide Angle and Zoom Lenses. Tripod, Monopod, protective case to store your equipment. Bring enough Memory and back-up batteries to last a full day of shooting, it is not uncommon to shoot over a 1000 photos a day on our trips. 


Activities: We will be driving to several locations, with possible short walks on flat ground.  No moderate or greater hiking on this trip. Longest round-trip walk is less than 2 miles. We will bring ample bug spray and SPF 50 sunscreen, but feel free to bring your own.  


Meals: Breakfast at the hotel or local establishment.  Lunches will be at a local establishment or picnic.  Dinners will be at a local restaurant that has a variety of options.  If you have a specific meal requirement, please let us know on the registration form. 


Safety: Your guides are certified in First Aid and CPR.  We also carry a Satellite phone as many locations we venture into have unreliable to no cell service at all.  We follow all rules, regulations, and laws in all locations we visit.  This helps keep you and the wildlife safe while preserving the beautiful nature around us for the next generation to experience. Tripod Travelers has a no Firearm Policy, guides and clients are not authorized to carry personal firearms at anytime.

Winter Escape, Wildlife Photography Feb 22-29, 2020

Payment Options
  • Trip Highlights

    Dates: Feb 22 - Feb 29, 2020
    Origin: Orlando International Airport arrive before 3p
    Departure: Orlando International Aiport depart after 2p
    Total Photographers: 6
    Ground Transportation: 10 Person Touring Van
    Hotel Cities: Homestead, Lakeland, Titusville
    Photography Subjects: Wildlife, Seascapes, Sunsets, Birds, Landscapes.
    Key Learnings: Capturing Wildlife, Subjects in Motion, Composition, Landscapes, Seascapes, Exposure, Shutter Speeds, Aperture, ISO, Depth of Field, Histogram, Raw vs. JPEG, Camera Settings, Presets, Post Processing, and more.

    Daily EventsDay

    0: Arrival day (Orlando)On arrival day you will be met and picked up by Tom and Laura. Orientation and Welcome dinner.

    Day 1: TampaUp early and on location at up to 3 locations in the greater Tampa area. We will ensure we get cameras clicking and work with each photographer so we get calibrated for the week. Possible Sunset at select location.

    Day 2 : LakelandUp early and we head to a location in Lakeland where we are permitted to take groups in for workshops. This will be mostly walking on flat and groomed paths. Possible sunrise and sunset.

    Day 3: LakelandUp early and return for more shooting around the Lakeland area. Possible sunrise and sunset.

    ​Day 4: TitusvilleAfter an early breakfast we pack up the van and venture East to the Titusville. We will explore several reserve locations throughout the day. Mid Afternoon break. Rest up, some post processing, before dinner.

    Day 5: TitusvilleUp early to capture sunrise and continue to explore and photograph wildlife at several productive locations.

    Day 6: TitusvilleFinal Day of shooting, Up early to capture sunrise and continue to explore and photograph wildlife at several productive locations.

    ​Day 7: Orlando (Departure)Breakfast and post processing reviews before 11a departure back to Orlando Airport. All flyers depart after 2p. ​

If you have questions regarding the

Checkout Process, please Call us, anytime.


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