The Wilder Side of Savannah, GA

The Wilder Side of Savannah GA

Photography Workshop

Mar 29 -  Apr 2, 2019


Photograph Alligators and Rookeries

Savannah Georgia is known for its southern architecture, great restaurants and incredible nightlife. What many people miss while visiting the Savannah area is the amazing wildlife on display that rivals anywhere else in the Southeastern US.  From Alligators to Wood Storks, there is an awesome collection of wildlife waiting to pose for our photographers. Tripod Travelers intimately knows where to take photographers to experience the wild side around the Savannah seascape.  We choose this trip in the springtime to take advantage of the weather, nesting birds, baby alligators, and many other wildlife opportunities. There are two specific destinations around the Savannah area that will afford us tremendous opportunities to engage wildlife.  When the adventure ends, we head back to our hotel on Bay Street to experience everything downtown Savannah has to offer on the waterfront. We schedule our trips after the St. Patrick’s Day craziness with itineraries that do not chew up a ton of vacation time, both trips are scheduled over long weekends.  Your guides live in Georgia and have visited Savannah many times to escape the hustle of Atlanta.  This trip will forever be remembered for the great wildlife photography, incredible food, fun nightlife and southern charm only Savannah and Tripod Travelers can provide.

Alligator Savannah photography workshop
Woodstork nest Savannah photography workshop

Why Choose This Trip?

Let us take you through the greater Savannah, GA area to introduce you to some of the best wildlife the state has to offer. We know where and when the wildlife will exhibit itself while you capture all of it on your camera.  We also know the downtown nightlife where you can relax with us as we discuss a great day of shooting at one of the famous Savannah restaurants. 

Itinerary for Trip:

  • Dates: Mar 29 - Apr 2, 2019
    ​Origin: Mar 29: Savannah, GA. Savannah/Hilton Head Airport (if flying) arrive before 3p
    ​Departure: Apr 2: Savannah, GA. Savannah/Hilton Head Airport (if flying) depart after 1p
    ​Total Photographers: 6
    ​Ground Transportation: 10 Person Touring Van
    ​Hotel Cities: Savannah, GA. 
    ​Photography Subjects: Wildlife, Seascapes, Sunsets, Birds, Landscapes.
    Subjects Covered: Wildlife Photography, Animals in Motion, Composition, Landscapes, Sunrise, Sunset, Exposure, Shutter Speeds, Aperture, ISO, Depth of Field, Histogram, Raw vs. JPEG, Camera Settings, Presets, Post Processing, and more.

    Daily Events

  • Mar 29: All Travelers meet at Hotel by 5p time.  All travelers flying in will be transported to our hotel by Tripod Travelers. Orientation, dinner at restaurant, meet and greet, discuss the itinerary.

  • Mar 30: 6a breakfast at hotel. Wildlife location #1 by sunrise.  Bird and alligator photography.  Lunch at 12p, return for more bird and alligator photography until late afternoon. Return to hotel.  Dinner at 730p, downtown location.  

  • Mar 31: Breakfast 630a at hotel, wildlife location #2 by sunrise.  Bird and alligator photography.  Lunch back in downtown by 12:30p. Post processing and picture review discussions.  Back to location #2 by 4p, bird and alligator photography, capture sunset.  Return to hotel, dinner at 8p

  • Apr 1:  Meet at 7a and tour five specific locations to photograph downtown Savannah. Brunch at 10a.  1230P, Wildlife location #1 for afternoon shooting.  Return by 6p.  Dinner on your own, experience downtown that evening.   

  • Apr 2: 8a Breakfast local restaurant.  Review photos and discuss post processing. 11a checkout.

  • If you have any questions, please contact us at


Ibis Savannah photography workshop

Savannah, GA Pictures

Taken by Tom Mace