We simplify the Technical side of Photography so you spend more time capturing the Beauty of Nature.


We select Destinations that both Inspire and Introduce you to Nature. We Place You at the Right Place at the Right Time.


We place our Clients First! We take care of everything so you focus on Experiencing Nature through your Lens.


We pride ourselves on providing an experience of a lifetime. If something in our control is wrong, we will make it right.

   The Best Wildlife Photography Vacations   

Safety is our number one priority.  Nature is unpredictable, but that doesn't mean you can't be prepared. We follow all laws and regulations regarding wildlife and property boundaries. Our goal is to leave nature as we found it, minimize disruptions, and equally focus on both the safety of our travelers as well as any wildlife we encounter. We will comply with all weather warnings and reroute our location if necessary. Your instructors are CPR/First Aid Certified, carry a First Aid Kit and Satellite Phone on every trip.  Tripod Travelers has a NO firearm policy; guides and clients are not allowed to carry any form of firearm during our excursions. 

Destinations are chosen based on what our travelers expect; wildlife and nature locations that deliver incredible opportunities.  We scout our locations and work with local partners to time our visits at the peak of wildlife activity. Nine tenths of your experience depends on our preparation. We take great care and time to select destinations that will meaningfully impact both your photography skills and your appreciation of nature.  We are constantly looking for new adventures that meet both our learning curriculum and client expectations. We are always stretching our imagination to bring you world class destinations that will both enhance and inspire your love of photography. 

Itineraries are planned both tactically and strategically. We carefully arrange each day to maximize your time in the field. A typical day starts with an early breakfast, drive to location, and photographing in the morning.  We break for lunch and may take a couple hours to rejuvenate and let the harsh sunlight pass. Then back to the field to shoot in the afternoon into the evening.  Dinners before or after sunset.  If stars are on the agenda, we will head out for a late night or early morning adventure. Our goal is to keep everyone together on our trips, this means less time chasing everyone down and more time capturing nature. Based on location and pre-trip surveys, we will also coordinate down time if travelers want to take a half day for themselves, this is a vacation. See individual itineraries for more details.

Lodging is included in the price.  We do our research. Experience has taught us long days of photographing in the field can be exhausting; therefore, your hotel experience should be rejuvenating as well as memorable. We work with local hotels and lodges to capture the best rates and only book quality accommodations.  All rooms are double occupancy. We secure locations that are as close as possible to our photography destinations. Clients are responsible for incidentals from the hotel i.e. room service, phone, gift shop etc. Additional fees apply to single occupancy clients, please see information included in each workshop page. 


Ground Transportation is included in the price. We secure a 12 passenger van for 6 photographers leaving plenty of room for your legs, equipment, and all of the road trip snacks we provide for you.  We handle all transportation, gate to gate and everything in between. We carry full insurance and have an impeccable driving record. 

Meals are included in the price and will vary based on the Itinerary. We source local restaurants for the best meals and variety of options. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included each day unless specified in the itinerary. Sometimes it's nice to give you and your loved one a night on your own, pricing is adjusted for those occasions. By the way, we load the car full of snacks and drinks to keep energy levels high, we are road trip experts. Alcohol is not included in the pricing. See individual itineraries for more details.

Airfare is not included in the price unless called out specifically in the itinerary. We plan our trips months, sometimes years in advance, giving our clients the best opportunities for the lowest price. As always, if you have questions or concerns about flights to our destinations, please contact us directly.

 Camera Equipment  Each traveler is responsible for bringing, securing, and managing their own camera equipment.  We teach on Digital Cameras (DSLR and Mirrorless) only. We recommend bringing a DSLR/Mirrorless camera, sturdy tripod, extra batteries, 2-3 memory cards, lenses and a means to carry and store them. Optional items include: monopod, lens filters, and binoculars (see itineraries for specific equipment details)


For Best Results, we encourage photographers to bring the following lenses:

- Wildlife: 300mm or Greater (the longer the reach the more detail)

- General Surroundings: 35mm - 100mm (what the eye can see in detail)

- Landscape and Night Photography: Below 35mm (the wider the better)    

Meet Tom and Laura

Tom and Laura Mace are owners of Tripod Travelers LLC. Their passion for Photography, Wildlife, and Nature has led them on many adventures over their lives. These experiences have changed their perspective so dramatically they decided to get out of the corporate lifestyle and follow their dreams.  Combined, Tom and Laura have over 37 years of retail experience. Tom has held executive level jobs with three of the largest brands in retail. After 27 years, he along with Laura decided it was time for a change.  Tom is not only an accomplished Retail Executive, he is also an outstanding wildlife and landscape photographer.  His work has been added to private collections, won several awards, featured in calendars, greeting cards and published in various online publications.  Tom and Laura have extensively traveled for both business and photography. Ten years ago they began to focus their free time on getting outdoors and exploring Africa, North and South America; what started as free time is now their passion. By leveraging their expertise in Photography, Travel and Business they decided to turn their dreams into reality and created Tripod Travelers LLC.​​

Tom and Laura also believe in giving back! A percentage of Tripod Travelers' net earnings goes directly back to the National Parks and Wildlife Refuges they visit. Tripod Travelers also donates to worthy causes such as the National Park Foundation and Wildlife Federation to ensure our National Treasures are maintained for many generations to come. 

Photography Workshop Savannah, GA
Tripod Travelers Photograhy Workshop
Tripod Travelers Photograhy Workshop
Tripod Travelers Photograhy Workshop
Tripod Travelers Phoogrphy Workshop
Tripod Travelers Photograhy Workshop
Tripod Travelers Photograhy Workshop
Tripod Travelers Photograhy Workshop
Areas of Expertise

Tom has over 20 years of photography experience with areas of expertise in Wildlife, Landscape, Cityscape, and Macro; and like every professional photographer, always learning, continuously improving, and constantly pursing the next shot of a lifetime. 


Tom and Laura are passionate about wildlife and nature. They have hiked and photographed across the United States including Hawaii and Alaska with a specific focus on supporting our national parks and wildlife refuges. Recent travels have also included: South Africa, Belize, Honduras, Mexico, Canada, Cayman Islands and Puerto Rico. 


Being avid travelers is only part of it. Tom has held responsibilities for professionally coordinating and hosting major travel events and has experience navigating through the Airline, Hotel, and Tourist industries


Tom has led large learning organizations.  Recently he was responsible for redesigning, building and training over 36,000 associates. He takes a creative, yet simplified approach to teaching photography.


Tom and Laura are both extremely comfortable engaging customers and translating their areas of expertise into reality. Whether its in the field with 6 photographers, annually servicing 50+ Million customers, or Laura teaching a weekly women's focus group, their friendly and  enthusiastic approach to nature and photography is contagious.