Yellowstone Winter Kickoff

Yellowstone Winter Photography Workshop

Nov 6 - 11 2020


$500 Deposit to Hold Your Spot

Price is Double Occupancy

Camera Clubs and Large Groups

Let us do all the planning for your next event, we have unlisted dates available and discounts for groups over 4 people. Please call us at     770-401-8671 for Dates and Rates. 

Single Supplements

Our pricing is based on double occupancy. This trip requires a single supplement of $400 for your own room/tent. If you are interested in sharing with another traveler to keep cost down, please let us know.  


We know this is a big trip, we are eager and happy to help! Don't hesitate to call us, anytime. 


Photographer's Secret

Coyote Yellowstone National Pak Winter Photography Workshop

Beat the Crowds

Yellowstone had roughly 4 million visitors run through the park in 2018. The bulk of these guests visit  May through October. As the short Fall season fades, the park's temperature drops and moisture channeled from the Pacific Ocean begins to push east.  This is the kickoff to Winter in Yellowstone, one of the most dramatic seasonal transitions in North America.  The Public is conditioned, once November begins, access to Yellowstone ends.  What many don't understand, The North entrance remains open year round, giving wildlife photographers incredible access to the greater Lamar Valley.  Early November is wonderful time to visit the park as there are virtually zero crowds yet animals are extremely accessible.  Bison, Elk, Pronghorn, Moose, Fox, Deer, Coyote, and more are available and highly active. Grizzly and Black Bear are beginning their transition into hibernation, but can still be found on carcasses or foraging around the valley.  Wolves, mainly the Slough Creek pack are actively on the prowl and are one of the stars at this time of the year.  From a photographer's perspective, there are several key areas we take advantage of directly from the side of the road or some short hikes to get us closer to the action. If you are looking for a unique opportunity to capture Yellowstone's amazing wildlife in winter backdrops, with expert guides who have over a decade exploring Yellowstone, then come join us as we take you on a memorable, unique journey. 

Why Choose this Trip?

Professional Photography and Enthusiastic Guides

If you have always wanted to photograph wildlife in Yellowstone with virtually zero crowds, in temperatures rarely above freezing and experts who can help with you photography, location knowledge and all your accommodations, then this is the trip for you.  

Yellowstone National Park begins eliminating access to the park in early November. The South, East, and West Entrances are closed to all vehicle traffic, only the West reopening to Snow Mobiles/Track vehicles in January. The secret is, the main road between the North and North East entrances remain open to all traffic throughout the winter.  This artery runs directly through the Lamar Valley and is plowed to ensure traffic between Gardiner and Cooke City flows over the winter months.  That gives us just under 60 miles of exploration, including everything we can see from the road or short hikes on trails.


This trip is for photographers who want to engage the elements, be prepared for snow, sleet, and temperature below freezing. That means if you have never shot in these types of conditions, no worries, we will guide you before and during this experience ensuring you are completely prepared and ready to shoot. As with all of our Trips, we have everything taken care of, meaning all lodging, meals, transportation, photography instruction and guide expertise is included from the moment we pick you up at the airport until we return you for your flight home.     

Tom is an expert at photographing wildlife across North America, Africa, Canada, and Alaska.  He shares his expertise and photography skills with a passionate and simplified approach. If you have been searching for a trip to capture wildlife as Winter begins to tighten its grip in Yellowstone, don't miss this amazing opportunity

Bison Yellowstone National Pak Winter Photography Workshop
Fox Yellowstone National Pak Winter Photography Workshop

We Take Care of You

Gate to Gate, we have your Covered

Wolves Yellowstone National Pak Winter Photography Workshop

What is Included?

  • Pick up at Airport

  • Transfer from Bozeman MT, to Gardiner MT.

  • 4 Days, 5 Nights

  • Lodging in Gardiner, MT

  • Transportation to all locations throughout the Park

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Road Trip Snacks

  • Dedicated Photography Instruction, including post processing and critique.

  • Park Fees

  • Non-Photography travelers welcome

Not Included:

  • Flight to Bozeman, Montana 

  • Alcohol (must be flown in, please call for details)

  • Single Supplement Charge, additional $1200

  • Incidentals

  • Travel Insurance and Medical Assistance Insurance


Zero Stress Vacation

Nov. 6: Arrive in Bozeman MT, before 4PM

We collect all clients and transfer from the airport.  Welcome Dinner in Gardiner.


Nov. 7: Yellowstone

After early Breakfast, Photograph in the park from Sunrise to Sunset, Lunch in the Park, Dinner in Gardiner. 


Nov. 8: – Yellowstone
After early Breakfast, Photograph in the park from Sunrise to Sunset, Lunch in the Park, Dinner in Gardiner. 


Nov. 9: Yellowstone
After early Breakfast, Photograph in the park from Sunrise to Sunset, Lunch in the Park, Dinner in Gardiner. 

Nov. 10: Yellowstone
After early Breakfast, Photograph in the park from Sunrise to Sunset, Lunch in the Park, Dinner in Gardiner. 


Nov. 11: Transfer back to Bozeman Airport. 
After early breakfast, return back to Airport.

Add on Opportunity: We will be traveling to New Mexico to conduct a Workshop in Bosque Del Apache immediately after this trip, please inquire if you are interested in extending your trip to include this amazing birding event.  We will help coordinate your flights between the 2 workshops. 

Elk Yellowstone National Pak Winter Photography Workshop
Moose Yellowstone National Pak Winter Photography Workshop

Yellowstone Winter

Taken by Tom Mace